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Ask us how to love your hearing devices!


Learn how we can help you find the right fit.

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Ask us how to love your hearing aids!

We can help you love your hearing aids!

Are you one of those people who keeps your hearing aids in a dresser drawer? 

Do you wear them but complain about the sound quality? 

Let us help you!   See below for some common user complaints and possible solutions.

      Improper programming.  We believe when you purchase hearing aids, success is 50 % technology and 50% programming of the devices.  At Pacific Hearing Service we believe in hearing aid verification measures.  This means we perform real ear measures on EVERYONE we fit with hearing aids. Every ear is different and by taking these measurements, we can ensure your hearing aids have been programmed to provide the best hearing possible.  Programming your hearing aids also provides information that allows us to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. 

      Is your brain ready to hear?  Research has given us great insight into why many people have difficulty adapting to hearing aid amplification.  Much of it is related to training your brain!  To help with this we offer the LACE program to all of our patients.  LACE stands for Listening and Communication Enhancement.  This is a training program that requires only the CD and your computer and it can dramatically improve your listening skills.  We are proud to say we were invited to participate in the beta testing of this program when it was being developed at UCSF and know from our early experience with the program what a difference a little brain training can make! There are several online training programs available to help you re-train your brain.  Our professional audiology staff can help you find one that works for you.

      Realistic Expectations:  The honest truth is that many people expect hearing aids to perform miracles and restore hearing to normal.  If that is your expectation, your satisfaction with hearing devices will be limited.  Hearing loss is complicated and success with hearing aids is related to your specific hearing profile.  Because of this, we instituted a series of rehabilitation classes focused on managing your hearing loss and understanding what hearing aids can and cannot do.  Please check our class schedule and join us at either of our two locations for these classes.