Hear for the Holidays


Hear for the Holidays

Give The Gift of Better Hearing
[Nominations Open]

The data suggests that 16 in 100 people experience challenges with their hearing.

Yet, of those 16, only 3 will get hearing aids. This means it’s likely you’ll know at least one person who would benefit from better hearing.

It breaks our hearts to know that there are people in our community who need help with their hearing but have barriers that keep them from being able to help themselves.

Perhaps this person has financial concerns or has been so busy giving their time to someone else, that they have not prioritized their own hearing health.

With a big part of our DNA being heavily focused on the community, we’re excited to open nominations for our annual ‘Hear for the Holidays’ event.

We’re looking for a deserving local person to receive the gift of better hearing by fitting them with premium hearing aids and our highest level of care. This is where you come in, do you know someone that deserves the opportunity to receive the gift of better hearing?

Well, we want to hear their story. Using the form on this page you can nominate that deserving person and tell us why you think they should be our 2023 Hear for the Holidays recipient!

The deadline is December 11, 2023, and the winner will then be announced shortly afterward.

Good Luck!

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Meet Previous Winners

Hear for the Holidays winner at Pacific Hearing Service

We had so many wonderful nominations for our Hear for the Holidays campaign at Pacific Hearing Service in 2022! There are always so many deserving people on our list, making it very difficult to choose a winner.

But this year, Rosa Raffington’s nomination stood out from the rest. Her contribution as the Laurel School crossing guard in Menlo Park made her the obvious choice.

The nominations that Rosa received were truly inspiring. It is remarkable how much she means to our community, and she is incredibly as deserving as the person in the last comment says.



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"I never had good quality hearing until I went to Pacific Hearing Service"

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"I was having a very hard time and hearing aids have made all the difference in the world to me!"

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"I love how my new hearing aids have enhanced my life"

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"I waited way too long to try hearing aids, they are a blessing"

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"I love their program of letting you test new hearing aids for an extended period of time "

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"I can listen to phone calls and different apps through my ReSound hearing aids"

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