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Musicians Ear Plugs and In Ear Monitors

Musicians and Music Aficionados: We challenge you to protect your ears! Music is a very important part of your lives, and your hearing is integral to your music experience. Let’s protect your hearing and keep your ears healthy for many years to come.  Invest in some musician plugs that keep sound levels in a healthy range while filtering music with a flat response to maintain sound quality. Musician plugs are available in both non-custom and custom models to help meet your needs.

Stage/in-ear monitors: For the music makers, or music lovers that want the highest quality in-ear monitors or earphones, nothing will sound or feel better than a custom fit. We work with a variety of in-ear monitor companies (e.g. WestoneUltimate EarsSensaphonicsStarkey Tunz) by taking impressions of your ears so that they can make your personal custom-made monitors.

Our Top Ten Tips for Music Lovers!

People with hearing deficits often tell us they miss out on conversations. For music lovers, there is the additional sense of frustration when music no longer sounds like it used to. Fortunately there are audiologists who are music lovers and they have compiled a list of tips for enjoying music with a hearing deficiency.

  1. Live concerts may be more enjoyable than listening to music at home. Just like lip reading helps you to understand speech, seeing the music performed helps you to “hear” the music better.
  2. When possible, go to concerts where you are already familiar with the music so your brain can help you “fill in the blanks.” If you aren’t familiar with the music to be played, make an effort to familiarize yourself with it ahead of time.
  3. Some types of music are easier to hear than others. For example, because of the tonal quality, many people with hearing loss find cello music is particularly enjoyable. Try experimenting with different types of music to see which styles and types suit your hearing profile. To get started, log onto YouTube and do a search for a specific song or artists. For example, if you like Classical Music, enter “Bach Cello Suites.” Watch and listen to a video clip. Next enter “Mozart Piano Concerto.” Listen carefully to the difference between the two types of music. Are you able to hear one better than the other?
  4. Keep it simple! Try listening to solo instruments, solo voices or small ensembles. Just like it’s easier to hear one person talking in a room, it takes less effort to focus on music with fewer instruments or voices.
  5. As hearing changes, it might be necessary to retrain the ears to differentiate between different musical instruments. Go to Listen to the different sound samples and challenge yourself to train your ears!
  6. If you listen to music frequently, you might benefit from a specific “music program” in your hearing aids. This is a program with settings designed to give the music you are listening to a richer sound quality. Ask your audiologist if your devices have this option.
  7. Make sure that you are also protecting your hearing. If you enjoy very loud, amplified music, depending on your hearing profile, you might benefit from using high fidelity earplugs as opposed to wearing your hearing aids. View our hearing protection selection.
  8. Try turning down the volume of the music you are listening to from the source and then turn up the volume on your hearing aid if necessary. If listening to live music, turn down the volume on your hearing aids in order to prevent distortion.
  9. If you listen to music through headphones from your Smartphone or other app capable device, try using Symphonic Audio’s new application “SoundFocus” which shapes the music to your hearing profile when listening through iPhone or iPod.
  10. Broaden your music listening. The type of music you can enjoy with your current hearing abilities might be different from what you liked in the past. Be willing to experiment. Through trial and error, you will be able to find the best style of music for your current hearing range and lifestyle.


In-Ear Monitors for Musicians


Sensaphonics is a different kind of company. Where others are content to see how loud they can get, or how many drivers they can fit into a hard plastic shell, Sensaphonics has chosen another path – designing and building the safest, best-sounding, most comfortable custom-fit earphones in the world.

Their precision balanced armature speakers are designed to deliver reference­-quality audio in a sealed system. With higher isolation and superior seal, these earphones turn the ear canal into a tiny “isolation booth,” virtually unaffected by the outside world. This design approach maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio, allowing high-resolution monitoring at safer volume settings.

Sensaphonics provides the high-impact in-ear monitoring experience musicians require with superior products that provide exceptional comfort and promote good hearing health. This is reflected in the materials used, the sonic accuracy, and the expertise they provide. Sensaphonics is committed to helping musicians enjoy longer, more productive careers and better quality of life through hearing conservation.

2X-S Custom-Fit

As the original dual-driver custom earphones with soft silicone earpieces, the 2X-S has passed the test of time. Introduced in 2000, its amazingly accurate, full-range audio remains the reference standard for many top artists and engineers. To this day, the 2X-S sound signature is the benchmark for all Sensaphonics product development. While they’ve made mechanical improvements such as their new coaxial cable system, today’s 2X-S remains sonically identical to the original.

2MAX Custom Fit

With the same sound signature as the 2X-S, Sensaphonics’ 2MAX earphones are optimized to produce reference-standard audio when used with wireless in-ear systems. The higher sensitivity of the 2MAX  is designed to produce higher output at lower volume settings (gets louder, faster) while retaining the same maximum SPL of their classic 2X-S earphones.

3MAX Custom Fit

The 3MAX is the world’s first triple-driver custom earphones with the comfort of soft silicone earpieces. 3MAX offers the full-spectrum sonic detail that Sensaphonics is known for, but with enhanced low-frequency impact. Their highest sensitivity earphones, 3MAX features a proprietary twin-driver bass system. Like the 2X-S and 2MAX, it now features a field-replaceable coaxial cable.

Ultimate Ears

In-Ear Monitors for Musicians

Ultimate Ears

For 20 years Ultimate Ears has been the industry leader with 80% of professional touring musicians and sound engineers worldwide as their clients. Their reputation is solid for superb craftsmanship, unmatched sound quality and a comfortable, precise fit. UE is not only the pioneer of in-ear monitors, they are the industry standard.

Sound is subjective. The ideal sound is what the user wants to hear for their given situation and matching it to the correct in-ear monitor. The number of speakers is secondary. It’s about the sound signature the speakers create. The speakers are simply a means to an end. Do you like more mids, highs, or lows? Whether you are a musician, engineer, or everyday user, Ultimate Ears has a unique sound solution to fit every preference.

UE 18+ Pro

The new 18+ takes the excellence of the original award-winning UE 18 Pro and adds our proprietary precision True Tone drivers . Feel upper register harmonics, hear improved presence, and enjoy clear warm sound.

6 proprietary balanced armatures divided into 4 frequency bands, with 2 True Tone drivers dedicated to high frequency band.

4-way mixed crossover designed to separate electrical load on each individual balanced armature.

The patented triple bore sound channels keep the lows, mids and highs separate until they interact with your eardrum.

U11 Pro

With 2 balanced armatures dedicated to the lower frequencies, the UE 11 PRO delivers tight and accurate bass. Perfect for bass players, drummers, and DJ’s.

4 proprietary balanced armatures tuned to enhance the low frequencies.

An integrated 3-way crossover turns the sub on only when it’s needed.

The dual bore sound channels keep the highs, mids, and lows phase aligned.

U7 Pro

The UE 7 PRO been proven and refined on stages throughout the world for over 10 years. The sound signature is big and bold—full of growl, crispness, depth and clarity with additional midrange details that guitarists and vocalists need.

The 3 balanced armatures are tuned for guitarists, keyboardists and vocalists who need a powerful in-ear monitor.

The integrated 2-way crossover helps add clarity to the mids.

The dual bore sound channels keep the highs, mids, and lows phase aligned.