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We provide hearing healthcare services, from full diagnostic evaluations to hearing aid fittings to musician earplugs!

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Start Your Hearing Journey

Getting your hearing back in shape is a multi-step process. Before we talk about hearing aid services it is important for you to have a thorough hearing evaluation. This gives us information about how much hearing loss you might have and the potential cause. Although a majority of our patients come to our Los Altos and Menlo Park offices for hearing aids, some hearing deficits can be treated medically or surgically. It is important to know whether or not a referral to a physician is appropriate. We need to collect data in order to make the right recommendation. Read below about the process and the services we provide. Click on any of the links to learn more.

Hearing Evaluation

A hearing evaluation at Pacific Hearing Service includes taking a hearing health history, visually inspecting your ears, and doing a series of tests and measurements to identify your hearing profile and other factors that will affect your ability to hear.

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Hearing Aid Selection

Hearing aid technology has improved tremendously over the last few years. From noise reduction capabilities to Bluetooth compatibility, hearing aid technology is evolving to meet the needs of people communicating in a wide range of situations. Based on your specific hearing loss, communication needs, cosmetic preferences, and budget, we will work with you to determine the best hearing aids for your situation.

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Hearing Aid Fitting

Our hearing aid service includes objective measurements to ensure an accurate fit. In addition we instruct you on the use and care of your new hearing aids, offer a variety of rehabilitation and educational sessions and provide a complimentary hearing aid cleaning service for the life of your hearing aids.

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Assistive Listening Devices

There are many devices such as phone and TV amplifiers that work well for specific situations. We have listening areas in both offices for demonstrating FM systems, loop systems, and headphones.

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Hearing Loss Management Classes

Our Complimentary Classes, offered in both Los Altos and Menlo Park, are focused on helping you adapt to hearing aid use, develop strategies for difficult listening situations, and care for your hearing devices.

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Cerumen (Ear Wax) Removal

Cerumen is an important part of your body’s self-defense system. It traps dirt that could accumulate in your ear canal and helps slow the growth of bacteria that can cause infections. If, however, you have an accumulation of wax in your ears that needs to be removed, all the professionals at Pacific Hearing Service provide earwax removal service

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