Hearing loss can have an impact on your mental health

By December 13, 2018 News

An obvious consequence of hearing loss is not being able to connect with loved ones and friends. 

An underlying consequence that most don’t think about is how not being able to hear correctly can affect the psyche. 

For some, being in social situations can be mildly stressful. Factor in hearing loss? You’ve just maxed out that stress level. 

Besides run-of-the-mill stress, there are more serious psychological conditions that may develop or worsen when you suffer from hearing loss.

An April 2018 article in Maruitas, a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal covering midlife and post-reproductive health, found there are common central neurological, anatomical and physiological processes affected by depression, anxiety and stress and hearing loss.

Several doctors conducted a study with about 150 adults who were divided into three groups: normal hearing, mild to moderate hearing, and severe hearing loss. 

What researchers found is that the severity of depression, anxiety and stress increased with the severity of hearing impairment.

Another June 2018 study found a link between depression and hearing loss, as well as an increased risk for those psychological symptoms in women. 

The study took a look at the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2011-2012 to take a look at the correlation between hearing loss and depression. 

Those suffering from moderate to worse hearing loss are associated with depression in women ages 52–69 years. 

Those researchers also noted that hearing screenings are likely to reduce delays in diagnosis and provide early opportunities for help. 

More folks are at risk of these psychological factors that you’d think. 

That’s because more than a third of the world’s population above the age of 65 suffers from some sort of age-related hearing loss. 

It’s the third most chronic condition in the United States, and hearing loss may be connected to depression. 

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