Hearing Loss Management Classes

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Complimentary classes at Pacific Hearing Service are focused on adjusting to hearing aids, hearing loss help, developing strategies for difficult listening situations and reviewing basic maintenance of your hearing devices.

We offer a series of three complimentary classes focused on hearing loss help and maximizing the benefit you get from your hearing aids. Each class is held once per month in each office, led by Dr. Brook Raguskus in Los Altos and Dr. Peg Lisi in Menlo Park. Below are the descriptions and schedules. Please call now to reserve your place.

Class 1: Adjusting to New Hearing Aids

  • Understanding your hearing loss
  • What hearing aids can and cannot do
  • Adjusting to hearing aids
  • Realistic expectations

Class 2: Coping With Difficult Listening Situations

  • Communication styles
  • Manipulating the environment
  • Communication tips
  • Coping with a poor speaker
  • Hearing loss help

Class 3: Troubleshooting Hearing Aids

  • Top ten hearing aid problems and solutions
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Community resources