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Rediscovering your hearing in order to live a rich, active, and fulfilling life has been the focus of ReSound hearing aids since 1943.

One of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers, ReSound hearing aids provide the help needed by individuals with hearing loss in 80 countries worldwide.

ReSound was founded in Redwood City, CA. The company was later purchased by Great Nordic. Pacific Hearing Service played a key role in beta testing many of ReSound’s early products.

Part of the GN Group, a global leader in intelligent audio solutions, ReSound plays a leading role in the research and development of medical, professional, and consumer audio solutions along with other GN Group companiesand producing and distributing med-tech, hearables, and intelligent audio products.

The development of WDRC (Wide Dynamic Range Compression) made it possible to adjust sound input intensities for a more comfortable hearing experience, while ReSound’s DFS (Digital Feedback Suppression) system helped resolve issues related to howling (feedback) and distortion.

The first open-standard digital chip was released by ReSound in 1992, allowing for increased programming flexibility, and their first open fit design produced in 2003 helped to limit the discomfort of a plugged ear canal so your hearing aids produce a more natural sound.

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These doctors go above and beyond to ensure an excellent experience for patients. I recommend them without hesitation.

- Kamal E.

These folks are courteous and competent. They have been a huge help in improving my mom’s hearing life. Thank you!
- Mark B.

Knowledgable. Patient. Friendly. Willing to thoughtfully and carefully answer whatever questions you have. Clearly patient-focused. Committed to education. I feel lucky to have found this excellent team of helpers.

- Earl C.

ReSound’s Device Features and Performance

ReSound produced the first connectivity options for hearing aids, using 2.4 GHz technology to link with iPhone and Android devices. Bluetooth streaming compatibility allows for the integration of a broad range of digital devices with your hearing aids for enhanced sound quality and clarity.

Using micro-digital technology, ReSound hearing aids are increasingly smaller and lighter, allowing for increased wearing discretion without sacrificing performance and sound clarity.

Unlike other manufacturers, ReSound hearing aids have a third microphone option instead of one or two. This improves sound localization.

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ReSound’s Remote Assist

Remote Assist, provided by ReSound, allows a hearing instrument specialist to receive programming adjustment requests from patients, and then send the new settings to be uploaded and applied to the device using the hearing aid’s connectivity feature.

Patient-Focused Hearing Care from Pacific Hearing Service

The advanced hearing technology solutions available from ReSound are among the great tools we have available to help meet your hearing care needs, but you remain the primary focus of the personalized hearing care provided by Pacific Hearing Service.

Using comprehensive hearing assessments to accurately identify your hearing challenges, our team is eager to help you select the hearing instrument best suited to meet your hearing care needs, your budget, and your personal preferences. We take things a step further, offering ongoing technical support and maintenance along with hearing aid repair from major manufacturers like ReSound, Signia, Phonak, Audina, and many more.

Supporting you with your hearing instrument, whether you purchased it through us or somewhere else, is one of the ways we help Silicon Valley hear better and enjoy a more rewarding and independent lifestyle. To learn more about hearing aids and hearing care at Pacific Hearing Service, contact us using the adjacent form so one of our specialists can call you back.

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