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Ashley Chwastyk, Au.D.

Ashley Chwastyk, Clinical Audiologist At Pacific Hearing Service

Ashley Chwastyk, Au.D.

Clinical Audiologist, Los Altos Office

Ashley Chwastyk grew up in Maryland and received her doctorate from the joint doctoral program between UCSD and SDSU. She then completed her fourth-year residency at the UCLA Medical Center.

As an audiologist at Pacific Hearing Service, Ashley is involved with a range of tasks including, hearing evaluations, counselling, hearing aid fittings and fine tuning, tinnitus assessments, and cognitive assessments.

What Ashley loves most about her role is how supportive everyone is and how passionate the audiologists are about their field.

There have been many life changing moments in Ashley’s role, but the one that stands out is when she was able to leverage hearing aid technology in a novel way to help a patient with an acoustic neuroma. Her hard work meant that he could both hear and understand speech coming from his poorer side.

Other moments include improving music sound quality for patients so they love going to the symphony again, as well as helping them to manage their tinnitus.

When Ashley’s not at work, she enjoys skiing, backpacking, hiking, windsurfing & reading.

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