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Brandy Duke

Brandy Duke, Patient Care Coordinator at Pacific Hearing Service

Brandy Duke

Patient Care Coordinator, Menlo Park Office

Brandy grew up in San Jose, California. As a patient care coordinator, her role involves answering the phone, cleaning hearing aids, helping patients with troubleshooting hearing aids, and paperwork. Lucky for Brandy – she loves paperwork!

With organization a key aspect of her role, Brandy loves to make sure appointments are all up to date so if a patient is overdue, she can call to remind them.

What Brandy loves most about her role is the team itself. It is a wonderful office with a great team and everyone who works here cares so much about what they do and their patients.

In Brandy’s eyes, “Nothing can compare to the personal touch this office has. They not only do right by their patients, but they also care about everyone who works here.”

There have been many occasions where patients have come in panicking that their hearing aids are dead, but after a deep cleaning, they revert back to life. Just seeing how calm they get after makes Brandy realize how debilitating hearing loss is and how we take it for granted.

Outside of work, Brandy loves to hike and is partial to a good cocktail and craft beer. She also has a 13-year-old son who plays violin and goes to musicals. They love to play board games and drink tea. They get boba regularly but, on occasion, go for high tea at various tea rooms in the Bay area.

Family is very important to Brandy, and she also sees her friends as family.

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