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Brook Raguskus, Au.D.

Brook Raguskus, Clinical Audiologist At Pacific Hearing Service

"My mother and I appreciate you very much"

by Susan

Brook Raguskus, Au.D.

Clinical Audiologist, Los Altos office

I grew up in several states but mostly the Portland, Oregon area. I went to the University of Washington for an M.S. in audiology and to Salus University for an Au.D.

I lived abroad as a young person and met a young woman with a hearing loss who had no access to hearing help. She coped admirably and I became interested in the field of audiology. During college, I had the opportunity to work in the quality control department of a major hearing aid maker and got to see things from a manufacturer’s perspective. After graduate school, I worked in the VA system and then moved to the Bay Area to enter the world of private practice.

I enjoy working for Pacific Hearing Service, as we are afforded the time required to do things right. One of the things I often hear from our new patients is, “The other place I went to never told me about this…” As a company, we are always participating in studies with hearing aid makers and researchers to stay at the very forefront of our field.

As our field grows and expands, so do we. And we know that even this isn’t enough. We are constantly sharpening the saw to become better counsellors to our patients and to provide all the vital services to help people have their absolute best outcomes.

I’m a genuine and patient person and dedicated to helping each patient find the best solution for them.

Outside of work, I love playing volleyball, hiking, genealogy, and game nights with friends and family. I’m a devoted aunt to my nieces and nephews.

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