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Heather Chapman

Heather Chapman, Administrative Assistant at Pacific Hearing Service

Heather Chapman

Administrative Assistant

Heather grew up in the Bay Area. Prior to joining Pacific Hearing Service, she had worked within the dental field for ten years.

The transition from dentistry to audiology was easy for Heather, as caring for patients is a common link. She loves helping people, organization, and says she is good with her hands, so her new role is a great fit.

As a mom to three kids, Heather’s work availability is somewhat limited, so she currently works off-site managing data entry and special projects. Heather loves being a part of the PHS team and is happy to be involved in any way possible. She acknowledges that it’s very special to work for owners who genuinely care about their patients.

Heather enjoys spending her free time with her husband and children. Other interests include caring for her house plants, gardening, and cooking big, hearty dinners for her family and friends.

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