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Jane H. Baxter, Au.D.

Jane H. Baxter, Clinical Audiologist and Co-Owner of Pacific Hearing Service

"Jane has been an advocate for me"

by Laura M

Jane H. Baxter, Au.D.

Co-Owner and Clinical Audiologist, Menlo Park office

*I am not currently accepting new patients*

I grew up locally in Los Altos. My father and grandfather were both ear, nose, and throat physicians. I earned a BS in psychology at UC Santa Barbara and went to graduate school in education and rehabilitation at UC Berkeley.

After a brief career as a teacher, I went back to SF State University for my MS in audiology-communication disorders. Later, I earned a doctorate in audiology from Salus University.

I began my career educating deaf children and loved it so much that I continued my education in audiology. I spent my early years at Stanford University Medical Center and the VA Hospital. This gave me invaluable experience in dealing with the medical aspects of audiology. I became an early partner in Pacific Hearing Service because I wanted to allow the time needed to provide the best care possible for each of my patients.

Owning my own private practice allows me to create an environment that is welcoming and compassionate while setting the highest standard of patient care. Once PHS was established, I realized that I wanted more. In 2014, I became a founding board member of the Entheos Audiology Cooperative, which allows me to do humanitarian audiology in Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South America. This inspired me to start a local non-profit, Pacific Hearing Connection.

I am energetic and curious: I am motivated to work harder, dig deeper, learn, and research more until I have found the best possible solution for each patient. I am collaborative: I strive to promote a culture at PHS where we work together, learn from each other, support each other, and enjoy the company of co-workers. And I am caring: I enjoy building genuine, warm relationships with my patients and colleagues.

Rose M.
I just wanted to write and thank you so very, very much for helping my mom with her hearing aids. She is hearing SO much better and it makes such a huge difference for the both of us. I know she is having some cognitive issues that make things harder so I also really appreciated the other tips you gave me about how best to communicate with her. I am trying to do shorter sentences and slower (always a challenge for me).

Jane, you are such a skilled audiologist but, even more importantly, you are such a kind, warm and compassionate person and I am more grateful than I can say for all your support.

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