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Ling Zhong

Ling Zhong, Clinical Audiologist at Pacific Hearing Service

Ling Zhong

Clinical Audiologist

Ling grew up in mainland China and attended the University of Texas, Austin for her undergraduate studies. She completed her doctorate degree in audiology from Vanderbilt University.

Based at our Menlo Park office, Ling’s workday includes performing hearing evaluations, hearing device consultations/programming, and cerumen removal services as well as getting involved in research projects.

Ling shares that the incredible Pacific Hearing Service team makes working here such an amazing experience. She loves everyone’s enthusiasm throughout the day and how the team strives to continuously make improvements to ensure the best care for our patients.

One of Ling’s favorite personal success stories revolves around a patient who struggled to understand others on their landline phone. Ling tried different hearing aid options and various programming strategies before identifying the most appropriate hearing aid technology and programming setting for the patient.

The patient can now understand conversations much better in general and has noticed a big improvement in landline phone conversations. Positive outcomes like this make Ling’s job so rewarding!

Outside of work, Ling likes visiting different restaurants with her husband and friends as well as enjoying nature.

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