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To begin, the whole team recognizes that 2020 has been an extremely tough year for our communities and especially people with hearing loss. 

Although it’s impossible at the moment, we truly believe that everyone should have access to hearing care services, irrespective of their personal situation.

With this in mind, the team is launching a brand-new competition, “Hear for the Holidays,” where one person will receive a complimentary pair of hearing aids and premium care!

It’s a small way that Pacific Hearing Service can give back this festive season.

How Can You Enter?

“Hear for the Holidays” works through a nomination process, where you put someone’s name forward who could benefit from advanced technology.

So if your friend, loved one, or co-worker has ever mentioned a hearing challenge, now is a great time to give them a chance of winning!

You do this by filling out a short form on our website and providing a few details about your nominee and why they deserve to win.

We’ll close the competition at the end of November, and soon after, we’ll let the deserving person know that they’ve gained this life-changing opportunity.

They’ll then be invited to a comprehensive hearing assessment, where they will be fit with their new devices, so they’re ready for the holidays. Good luck!

Updates from The Office

Research is often published about how hearing loss treatment is the number one way to mitigate the risks of cognitive decline, which can lead to syndromes such as dementia.

And as a result, we are incorporating cognition screening into our functional hearing assessments, so you can continue to live a great life and remain connected to family and friends.

In team news, we are very pleased to have Valerie Kun, Au.D., joining us as our newest doctor of audiology!


Many of you will know her from an externship year that she spent with us as she completed her doctorate at Northwestern University.

We’re so pleased to have her on board.

Valerie is passionate about helping people hear better.

She is working in our Menlo Park office and she loves going to the Los Altos office to see our patients for our non-profit, Pacific Hearing Connection.

During the height of the pandemic, Valerie provided curbside assistance to our most vulnerable population, ensuring that they could communicate with their families.

We hope you all get a chance to meet Valerie!

In other news, Peg Lisi, Au.D. was very disappointed when the San Francisco Symphony canceled their season due to COVID-19, after she was honored with a solo role in their chorus.

But she has “turned lemons into lemonade” and created an incredible Zoom communication class for our patients.

This is a different type of performance for Peg, but she is loving it and getting rave reviews. Please join her in one of these fun classes!



Looking for A New Face Mask?  

As some of you may know, the Pacific Hearing Service team usually goes on humanitarian trips to Guatemala twice a year, where we help local people with their audiology needs.

Unfortunately, this year our team had to cancel the trips due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning we couldn’t visit the women’s cooperative we serve at Lake Atitlan.

The communities there often depend on visitors to make a living, and with the current restrictions in place, their life has become even more precarious.

So, in order to keep their culture and community alive, the women’s cooperative has begun making face masks using their incredible Mayan patterns. 

We’re continuing to send batteries and hearing aid supplies to them. But also, we’re supporting them by buying these face masks, as they’re fantastic! If you’d like to find out how you can purchase your face mask, click the link here!


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