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Why Us


Trusted By Some of the Best Engineers In The World

Our community leads the world in technology.

But as we all know, technology is only part of any solution. What makes Silicon Valley so special is the human intelligence and persistence that strive to make the impossible happen.

The same is true of hearing healthcare.

Although great hearing technology is important, it’s even more important to partner with the right experts who will personally work with you to help you achieve better hearing.

Having cared for tens of thousands of incredible people since 1977, Pacific Hearing Service is the most trusted audiology practice in Silicon Valley, having gained the confidence of patients, leading organizations, and local physicians.

You’ll have the added benefit of working with a team of experts who is passionate about “giving back” through our local nonprofit that helps low-income children and adults in the Bay Area, and through regular humanitarian trips to some of the poorest countries in the world.

If you are concerned about your hearing, please request a no-obligation callback from a hearing care expert today, or schedule an appointment for a comprehensive hearing assessment.


Trusted by Worlds Best Engineers

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Our Services

// How Can We Help?//

Ways in Which We’ve Served The Community Since 1977

A young woman having a hearing evaluation at Pacific Hearing Service

// Advanced Hearing Testing

When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

Although we all regularly have our teeth checked, our cholesterol tested, and get a yearly physical, hardly any of us regularly test our hearing.

Yet with 1 in 8 Americans now having some form of hearing loss, we’re passionate about raising awareness of healthy hearing and of the first signs of hearing loss.

Hearing aids presentation by Pacific Hearing Service

// Prescription Hearing Aid Technology

The Advancements in Hearing Technology

People are often surprised to learn that today’s hearing technology is very different from what they expect.

Hearing technology has progressed at the same pace as much of the technology that our community is famous for. Gone are the obtrusive devices of yesteryear. Now, with small and discreet designs, incredible sound quality, and features including smartphone connectivity and rechargeability, hearing devices are tiny technological marvels.

Tinnitus Treatment

// Tinnitus Treatment

Speak to a Hearing Professional about Tinnitus

The perception of sound in our head or ears affects most of us at one time in our lives. Persistent ringing, humming, hissing, or buzzing can be one of the most frustrating issues. But there is hope.

We’ve developed a thorough diagnostic hearing and tinnitus evaluation to determine not only the causes, but to develop a plan using a multiplicity of available therapies. No one has to accept the old adage, “You’ll just have to live with it.”

// Team //

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