We had so many wonderful nominations for our Hear for the Holidays campaign at Pacific Hearing Service. There are always so many deserving people on our list, making it very difficult to choose a winner.

But this year, Rosa Raffington’s nomination stood out from the rest. Her contribution as the Laurel School crossing guard in Menlo Park made her the obvious choice.

The nominations that Rosa received were truly inspiring. It is remarkable how much she means to our community, and she is incredibly as deserving as the person in the last comment says.

Here are some of the wonderful praises that Rosa received as people nominated her:

Not only does Ms. Rosa take care to ensure that students cross the busy road of Ringwood safely, but she also goes way beyond to make sure students feel loved. She reminds students to zip their coats and tie their shoelaces. Ms. Rosa even taught one student how to tie their shoelaces. She knows the names of all the students who regularly cross at her spot.”

“It’s not just elementary students who love Ms. Rosa – M.A. High School students adore her, too! Ms. Rosa stays 15 minutes longer than she is paid for her crossing guard duties at our elementary school because she wants to be on her corner to say hello to the M.A. High School students as they pass by.”

“Everywhere that Rosa goes, she makes the world a better place by her generous spirit and loving nature.”

“She takes care of all the teachers by surprising us with little bags of fruits from her backyard trees by our cars.”

“Rosa is the heart and soul of Laurel School. She has served as our crossing guard for the last eight years and she is cherished by everyone. She does so much for everyone else and takes care of others; she always puts the needs of everyone else before her own and sacrifices her own well-being to do more for others. as a smile on her face always – she is kind, cheerful, and knows all the students who walk or roll by. She keeps our school community safe. I know Rosa could really benefit from this generous giveaway and this would help her engage even more with our school community. She deserves some recognition for all her hard work – I cannot think of anyone more deserving than Rosa.”

Hear for the Holidays winner at Pacific Hearing Service

What’s Next for Rosa?

It is with great pleasure to announce that Rosa will receive a comprehensive fitting for brand-new hearing aids. Not only will she be able to hear better, but she will also be able to stay safe by hearing the best she can in her role as a crossing guard.

Congratulations, Rosa!

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Jane H. Baxter, Au.D.

Dr. Baxter became a partner at Pacific Hearing Service in 1986 and both manages and provides audiology services at the Menlo Park office. She completed her clinical doctorate in Audiology (Au.D.) at Salus University, received her graduate training at San Francisco State and UC Berkeley, and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and certified by the American Board of Audiology.