Fathers. They make us laugh when we’re feeling down, and support us unconditionally.

This Father’s Day, our team joined together to share their message:

Here’s to You!

Yajaira: My dad is the hardest working man in the world and I have always looked up to him for this. My dad walks into a room and is the life of the party,He can make me laugh at any time of the day and can make friends wherever he goes . He taught me that a simple smile can make you a new friend.  

Nick:  My father is great because his compassion and bright heart bring up those around him. 

He does his best and adapts to whatever is thrown at him, and is a very open minded person. 

Heather:  My father is incredibly kind – he helps without being asked and never wants the credit. His kindness has saved animals, humans and even spiders. I’m grateful my sons have such a loving, compassionate grandfather to look up to.   

Rachel Appleton: My dad never missed 1 sporting event for my sister and I! He was at EVERY one and we played a lot of different sports. It meant a lot that he was so supportive!  

Rachel North: My Dad was a dedicated runner and would run every morning. I greatly admired his dedication to his hobbies and how he found big joy in small moments. It’s nice to think about him and our memories on my daily runs!” 

Peg:  My dad was always great for a good laugh.  He’d tell the same old stories over and over, and we 10 kids never tired of hearing them.  His biggest problem in telling a joke or a funny new story was that he usually ended up cracking himself up before the punch line and we’d have to yell out, “Daddy — finish the story!”  He also could wiggle his ears, ONE at a time, and then together in opposite directions. Now, who can say THAT about their dad? He was also our rock and leader.  Love you Dad! 

Jane: My Dad was always patient and explained things very clearly to me. He loved to solve problems and figure things out. When I get frustrated, I think of how calm he was, and this helps me stay composed. 

Ariel:  I love my dad because he is always available to help with anything big or small.  This included regular childcare during Covid shutdowns and now our almost 2 year old loves him and requests to see him several times per day.  My dad is also a great listener and walking encyclopedia; he answers even simple questions with detailed, well thought out responses.  

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads! 

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