Did you happen to catch our very own Doctor of Audiology, Ariel Fruendt, and one of our lovely patients, Lisa Burns, on NBC Bay Area news this month? If not, be sure to check out the feature!

Lisa Burns is a standup bass musician who’s struggled with hearing loss for years. But in 2010, her hearing loss suddenly worsened. Since music is Lisa’s passion, she worried about how her hearing loss would affect her ability to keep doing what she loves. 

After Lisa tried two different types of hearing aids that didn’t work for her, her doctor recommended that she try Earlens. Lisa says that trying Earlens hearing aids is one of the best decisions she’s ever made, and it has totally transformed her world! The Earlens devices have allowed her to continue pursuing her passion for music and performing. 

Lisa shares that after getting her Earlens hearing aids, she went to see Beethoven’s 9th, and she could hear so well that she was brought to tears. She also states that without Earlens, she would never have been able to sing a song she wrote at a recent music festival.

If you’re struggling with hearing loss and feel that traditional hearing aids aren’t right for you, Earlens hearing aids could be just the solution you’re looking for. 

What Are Earlens Hearing Aids?

Earlens is a privately held medical company whose mission is “to transform the hearing experience so that people with hearing loss can enjoy life’s experiences and moments without worrying about their hearing.” And that’s exactly what Earlens hearing aids accomplish.

The Earlens Contact Hearing Solution is a game-changing hearing aid that uses new technology to make it nearly twice as effective as standard hearing aids.

While wearing Earlens hearing aids might take some getting used to, they are comfortable, and you’ll likely eventually forget they’re there.

Since the Lens that sits on your eardrum is custom, it conforms to the shape of your unique eardrum.

Earlens hearing aids aren’t permanent and can be removed with the help of our trained hearing health professionals.

Earlens hearing aids are compatible with the Apple iPhone—so you can take calls or stream music through your phone right to your Earlens.

The Earlens Processor has an internal rechargeable battery, so each night you simply place the Processer on its charger.

Earlens Hearing Aids

Earlens hearing aids are durable, and they’re designed to keep you hearing better and to improve your quality of life for years to come.

How Do Earlens Hearing Aids Work?

While traditional hearing aids capture sound and amplify it through a tiny speaker, Earlens hearing aids include a custom lens that’s placed onto the eardrum. The receiver transmits pulses of energy directly to the lens, making your eardrum vibrate across the full frequency range. Dr. Fruendt says you can actually hear sounds from 100 Hz to 10,000 Hz. And you’re able to hear richer, more natural sound than you would with standard hearing aids. 

Since Earlens hearing aids allow you to hear the full range of sound, you can hear conversations and music twice as well as you’d be able to with traditional hearing aids.

The Earlens site compares the difference in sound quality to listening to an AM transistor radio vs. a high-quality stereo system—forgetting about your hearing loss is the goal. 

As far as cost goes, Earlens hearing aids are much more expensive than other top-of-the-line hearing aids. But you really do get what you pay for. If you can afford the investment—and aren’t satisfied with standard hearing aids—Earlens hearing aids may be worth trying, especially if you find it difficult to hear in noisy environments. 

It’s important to mention that if you have severe hearing damage, Earlens hearing aids may not be suitable for you.

Our team of trusted hearing care experts will help you determine the best option for treating your specific case of hearing loss.

Earlens Hearing Aids at Pacific Hearing Service

Here at Pacific Hearing Service, we’re proud to offer Earlens hearing aids as an option for treating mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss.

We believe that the revolutionary Earlens technology can make a major difference in your hearing experience. If you’re in the Bay Area and think that Earlens hearing aids might be a good fit for you, our team can help! We’re here for you through each step of your hearing journey.

Reach out to us today to explore if Earlens is the right choice for you. To get in touch, simply complete this form or call our friendly team of hearing health experts at (650) 854-1980 (Menlo Park) or (650) 941-0664 (Los Altos).

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Ariel Fruendt, Au.D.

I went to school at Northwestern University for my undergraduate degree and Au.D. I completed my clinical externship at UCSF Medical Center, then worked in private practice. We moved to Chicago for my husband’s job and I worked in private practice there before joining the clinical faculty at Northwestern University’s on-campus clinic. I served as a preceptor for Au.D. students, focusing on adult diagnostics and treatment, tinnitus management, and hearing conservation. I also taught ethics in audiology courses and oversaw an amplification lecture series. My favorite thing about Pacific Hearing Service is the dynamic and supportive team environment that always puts the patient first, with dedication to using evidence-based practice in our everyday protocols.