One question we often hear at Pacific Hearing Service is “How much are hearing aids?” 

If you’ve found this page, it’s probable you’re asking the same question and realizing that many clinics, including ours, don’t openly list their prices. It’s not a gimmick or a marketing ploy. There are compelling reasons for this approach, and understanding them can empower you to make informed choices about your hearing health. 

To answer your query upfront, the hearing care plans at Pacific Hearing Service start around $2,500 and can go up to $7,000 for premium options. But remember, these figures can vary based on several factors. Now, let’s delve into why most clinics choose not to publicize their prices. 

#1Personalized Needs Define the Investment 

Imagine asking, “How much does a car cost?” The answer significantly depends on your personal needs and preferences. The same principle applies to hearing care. 

Your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and personal preferences shape the final investment. It is our practice at Pacific Hearing Service to conduct a thorough hearing test and understand your lifestyle before suggesting any hearing solutions. This tailored approach allows us to recommend personalized solutions that fit your unique hearing needs. 

#2—Investing in Hearing Care, Not Just Hearing Aids 

A common misunderstanding we often encounter is the belief that hearing aids alone solve hearing loss. In reality, these devices are just one piece of the larger hearing health puzzle. 

What you’re truly investing in is the dedication, expertise, and time of a team of hearing care professionals. These professionals tirelessly work toward enhancing your hearing and, in turn, improving your life quality.

Think of it as choosing professional dental care over attempting to do your own dental work with equipment purchased online. The upfront investment might appear higher, but the benefits and outcomes are incomparably superior. 

A Word of Advice 

While internet research may lead you to less expensive hearing aids, decisions based purely on price often lead to disappointing results. 

At Pacific Hearing Service, we understand that achieving better hearing involves much more than just securing the latest hearing technology. It’s about forming a relationship with a team of professionals who are committed to understanding and meeting your hearing needs. 

We’re here to share in your victories, navigate through the challenges, and consistently focus on improving your hearing health. Our team is at your service, providing ongoing support and expertise to maximize your hearing experience. 

On the other hand, there are businesses that are focused mainly on selling hearing aids. While their offerings might seem more affordable at first, it’s important to remember that this route often involves significant trade-offs. 

How Pacific Hearing Service Can Help You

If you’re looking for a team that extends beyond selling hearing aids, a team that truly cares about your long-term hearing outcomes, Pacific Hearing Service might be the perfect fit for you.

We invite you to explore our array of services here, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our Menlo Park location at (650) 854-1980 or our Los Altos location at (650) 941-0664, or request a callback here. 

Deciding to invest in your hearing health is a significant commitment, but one that can bring transformative changes. Enhanced hearing can reignite daily interactions, instill newfound confidence, and help you fully enjoy life’s rich tapestry of sounds. At Pacific Hearing Service, we are dedicated to guiding and supporting you through every step of this rewarding journey. 


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Ariel Fruendt, Au.D.

I went to school at Northwestern University for my undergraduate degree and Au.D. I completed my clinical externship at UCSF Medical Center, then worked in private practice. We moved to Chicago for my husband’s job and I worked in private practice there before joining the clinical faculty at Northwestern University’s on-campus clinic. I served as a preceptor for Au.D. students, focusing on adult diagnostics and treatment, tinnitus management, and hearing conservation. I also taught ethics in audiology courses and oversaw an amplification lecture series. My favorite thing about Pacific Hearing Service is the dynamic and supportive team environment that always puts the patient first, with dedication to using evidence-based practice in our everyday protocols.