In our age of constant communication, sound is vital. Conversations shape experiences, drive innovation, and foster connections. Yet millions around the world struggle daily with hearing loss, unsure where to turn.

This article is for anyone hesitant about seeking help. Through the inspiring stories of some of Silicon Valley’s most esteemed figures, we explore the pivotal role that we as a clinic have played in their lives.

These journeys underscore the importance of not just hearing but hearing with clarity and precision.

Pioneering with Precision

A true icon in computer programming, Ann Hardy’s journey at IBM began in the 1950s, where she worked on projects that have since found a home in the Computer History Museum.

Ann’s passion for innovation led her to Tymshare, a startup where she broke new ground by using multi-process computing to bring unprecedented conveniences to households.

However, like many, Ann faced hearing challenges. Her doctor led her to Pacific Hearing Service, where she encountered a world of difference.

“They paid attention to me. They tested and adjusted until everything was as good as it could get,”

Ann recalls.

Even with her engineering background, Ann was amazed by the meticulous care and attention to detail she received. Ann emphasizes the disparity in quality of care, noting how her brother, despite spending as much, doesn’t experience the same clarity of hearing she does. Her message is crystal clear:

“Most people with hearing aids just don’t hear as well as I do.”

From Silicon Valley to Sound Recovery

Tom’s influence in Silicon Valley is undeniable.

His executive search firm was pivotal in shaping the early teams of many tech startups.

However, an acoustic neuroma diagnosis once threatened to halt his journey.

Recommended brain surgery, Tom turned to Dr. Clark at Pacific Hearing Service for a second opinion, and in a twist of fate, she saved him from an unnecessary procedure.

“She’s very good technically… She actually cares about the person she’s talking to,”

Tom shares, emphasizing Dr. Clark’s genuine concern and unmatched expertise.

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Defending Sound

Having served as the secretary of defense, William J. Perry’s achievements are profound. From dismantling nuclear weapons to steering significant policy changes, Dr. Perry’s contributions are countless.

Yet, like millions, he too struggled with a hearing loss. His faith in Pacific Hearing Service began in 2004.

The remarkable improvement he experienced with the hearing aids provided by them transformed his personal and professional interactions.

Teaching Through Sound

A physicist par excellence, Theodore H. Geballe’s contributions to applied physics are legendary. His journey, which spans from Bell Labs in the 1950s to Stanford University, has been nothing short of illustrious.

In his 80s, Ted faced serious hearing challenges. When other physicians saw no way forward, Pacific Hearing Service emerged as his beacon of hope.

Not only did they equip him with top-tier hearing aids, but they also introduced him to tools like separate microphones, enabling him to continue teaching effectively.

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The Sound of Success

For over four decades, Pacific Hearing Service has been trusted by Silicon Valley’s luminaries. Their stories are not just testimonies to the impeccable service provided by Pacific Hearing Service but also a call to action. Hearing is more than just perceiving sound; it’s about experiencing life in its fullness.

If you’re contemplating seeking help for hearing challenges, take a cue from these leaders. Don’t let hesitation steal your chance to hear the world in all its glory. As Ann Hardy wisely said, “Be grateful you heard about them.”

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Ariel Fruendt, Au.D.

I went to school at Northwestern University for my undergraduate degree and Au.D. I completed my clinical externship at UCSF Medical Center, then worked in private practice. We moved to Chicago for my husband’s job and I worked in private practice there before joining the clinical faculty at Northwestern University’s on-campus clinic. I served as a preceptor for Au.D. students, focusing on adult diagnostics and treatment, tinnitus management, and hearing conservation. I also taught ethics in audiology courses and oversaw an amplification lecture series. My favorite thing about Pacific Hearing Service is the dynamic and supportive team environment that always puts the patient first, with dedication to using evidence-based practice in our everyday protocols.