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Rebecca (Becky) Dolan, Au.D.

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Rebecca (Becky) Dolan, Au.D.

Clinical Audiologist
Los Altos office

I grew up locally in San Jose, CA. I received my bachelor of arts degree from California State University, Chico, in speech pathology and audiology. I then went on to California State University, Long Beach, for my master of arts degree in audiology. Then it was on to the University of Florida to obtain my doctoral degree in audiology.

My mom studied audiology, and it was she who suggested I look into audiology when I was at Chico State. While working on my master’s degree, it was discovered I had a hearing loss. Although, I did not start wearing hearing aids until after I graduated and moved to Boston where I worked for a hearing aid manufacturing company as a field representative. This employment provided me with the practical experience of wearing hearing aids to understand what my patients may go through. It also gave me an inside knowledge as to how hearing aids are made and the research that is conducted for advances in hearing aid technology. From there, I moved back to the Bay Area and worked at an audiology clinic in San Mateo for 12 years.

I absolutely love and have a deep respect for Pacific Hearing Service’s dedication to treat each patient as a human being with different needs and abilities, not as a “customer” with the goal of “selling a product.”

I have a passion for helping people to hear well, empathy for my patients, and as a hearing aid user myself, I understand the frustrations that can accompany hearing loss.

Outside of work, spending time with my two children and husband is a priority in my life. I enjoy doing arts and crafts with my kids and any friends who want to join me. In addition, I love bike riding and camping in the mountains. I am also a former race car driver.

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