Curbside Service


Curbside Service

Curbside Service: The Rapid, Non-Contact Method For Getting Expert Hearing Assistance

Life changed dramatically in 2020, as everyone looked for safe ways to shop and work in a world that had changed.

The team at Pacific Hearing Service took the needs of people extremely seriously, by introducing new support options and protocols to keep everyone secure and healthy throughout this period.

One of the ways that we chose to help you was with a new contactless option, the “Curbside Service.”

This lets you receive hearing support and advice from the comfort of your vehicle, and it’s proved to be very popular with many who use it.

While the Curbside Service may have been created to help those in need during the pandemic, it will remain part of how we deliver amazing hearing healthcare to people well into the future.

“’These doctors go above and beyond to ensure an excellent experience for patients. I recommend them without hesitation..”

– Kamal K

Kamal K Patient Testimonials

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What Is Curbside Service and How Does It Work?

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How Does It Work?

To schedule a curbside appointment call ahead and book an appointment. This will mean that you get served at a precise time of your choosing.

Once you’ve arrived and found a parking spot, contact the relevant office.

For Menlo Park, call: (650) 854-1980

For Los Altos, call: (650) 941-0664

So that our team can locate you, you’ll then need to share a few simple details about where you’re parked. They’ll then come out to greet you.

Fast, efficient hearing care has never been easier to receive!

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What Is The Curbside Service?

The Curbside Service is similar to another rapid delivery option that you might know well: a restaurant drive-thru facility.

However, our team of experts won’t offer you burgers and fries; instead, they’ll provide you with specialist hearing solutions and treatment.

These include:

Hearing aid clean & checks

Hearing aid repairs

Accessory pickups

Access to essential supplies

If you’d like to benefit from any of these options, all you need to do is drive up to one of the centers, and the team will be able to assist you.

How to Schedule a Curbside Visit?

The Curbside Service is an excellent way to get hearing support in a convenient and speedy manner.

If you’d like to take advantage of this service, call your local office to book an appointment at a time suiting you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do appointments last?

Part of the reason why our patients like the Curbside Service so much is that it’s both fast and efficient. Normally, appointments can be completed in no more than ten minutes, from start to finish.

It may take a little longer for those needing comprehensive hearing aid repairs. But the team will work hard to ensure you’re served as soon as possible.

Q: Can others be in the car with me?

You are more than welcome to bring loved ones along to an appointment. But crucially, no one will be allowed to leave the vehicle during your visit.

If you would like more information you can call our friendly team at (650) 941-0664 for Los Altos or (650) 854-1980 for Menlo Park.