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Earwax Removal

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The muted sound, stuffiness, and aching in your ears could be a warning sign of hearing loss. However, they could also be something less permanent: impacted earwax.

Cerumen, commonly known as earwax, is part of the natural process of cleaning your ears by attracting and capturing dirt, dust, and anything else that might be there, while also preventing irritation and infection, but it can build up and become impacted.

Symptoms associated with impacted earwax typically include dizziness, balance problems, headaches, ear pain, and a sudden hearing loss. Most people are surprised to learn that the most common cause of impacted earwax is the result of people using cotton swabs or some other object (what that might be makes us shudder) to clean out the earwax, pushing it farther down the ear canal and making the problem worse.

The fastest, safest and most effective way to get relief you need is to consult our hearing care specialists at Pacific Hearing Service for professional earwax removal.

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I came here for an ear wax removal after feeling a bit stuffed up for the last few weeks. I called to make an appointment and they had next day availability which was super great! Once I arrived at my appointment, I was seated in the waiting room for about 15 minutes. I had no idea what to expect as I hadn’t had a wax removal before. However, the process was quite straightforward and very comfortable! I believe I saw Dr. Ashley (my apologies if I spelled this incorrectly), and she was very informative and gentle when removing the wax from my ears. It didn’t take more than 10 minutes and I felt so much better afterwards!

- Hannah M

Wonderful experience from scheduling my appointment for earwax removal to actually getting the procedure. My right ear was completely blocked and both ears were getting loud buzz sounds. The doctor was gentle and walked me step by step through out the procedure. I am so thankful I didn’t have any hearing lost. So happy I found Pacific Hearing Service.

- Katie C

Responding to the Myths Related to Earwax Removal


Myth #1 – My ears make too much earwax!

Actually, your ears make exactly the right amount of earwax to moisturize your ear canal, prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, and attract debris to be removed. When you clean them too often, the cells that produce earwax step up the pace of production because your ear canal is getting too dry.

Myth #2 – Cotton swabs are a great choice for removing earwax

They’re really not, and they can be dangerous. While you’re blindly digging around in your ear with a cotton swab, you’re pushing earwax farther down the ear canal until it becomes impacted, risking infection by pushing it against your eardrum, or even puncturing your eardrum if you get too aggressive.

Myth #3 – I follow earwax removal tips from online videos

In reality, tutorial videos for arts and crafts, recipes, and product reviews can be helpful, but the people who make them usually aren’t doctors of audiology, or have any experience in hearing health care. Relying on online videos for tips about removing your own earwax will probably do more harm than good.

Myth #4 – My ears will sort things out themselves

This one is only partially true. During the normal process of chewing and talking, earwax moves to the outer ear where it falls out or is easy to wipe away; but when ear pain, muted sound, and stuffiness and other symptoms of impacted earwax begin, it’s time to seek the help you need from a hearing care professional who can provide safe and effective relief without doing any harm to your ears.

What to Expect During an Earwax Removal Appointment

Earwax removal by one of our specialists is a pretty simple process that leads to instant relief without side effects or risking damage to your ears; here is what you can expect:


#1 – We Welcome You to Our Office

We have magazines and toys for our adult, child, and grown kid patients in our waiting room to set your mind at ease and welcome you to Pacific Hearing. When one of our private examination rooms becomes available, we’ll walk you to it and do our best to make you feel comfortable.

#2 – A Conversation About Your Ears

We want to make sure that we’re meeting all of your hearing care needs, so besides asking about your earwax issues, we also ask about any related symptoms and any hearing challenges you’ve experienced.

#3 – We Take a Look in Your Ears

Your audiologist won’t just start digging around in your ear. We’ll take a look at what’s going on in your ear using the otoscope feature on our Earigator machine. This helps us see what we’re up against in order to develop a plan for targeted removal.

#4 – We Clean Out All That Earwax

Usually, your ears just need a little warm water to soften up the wax and flush it out, which is exactly what our Earigator does. In only rare cases, when earwax is extremely stubborn, do we use a curette to reach in and scoop out any earwax that doesn’t come out using the Earigator.

#5 – Instant Relief!

If you’ve suffered the aching, stuffiness, and muted sound of impacted earwax, then you are well aware of how good it feels when your ears are clean. The instant relief you will feel is likely to add an instant spring to your step.

The Earigator Provides a Safe, Effective, Advanced Solution for Earwax Removal

Designed by an Otologist who combined the functions of an otoscope with an irrigation system, the Earigator is a highly effective and pain free way of removing earwax that has brought relief to tens of thousands of patients, with no adverse effects reported.

The feeling of the warm water massaging your ear canal without any of the lingering pain that sometimes comes as a result of using traditional methods, is among the most agreeable features of the Earigator. Better yet, it provides the easiest, safest and most effective means of gently removing earwax, even the stubborn stuff, available on today’s market.

This is the most advanced means of cerumen control with the least amount of discomfort, if any at all, and is due to the Earigator features:

  • Self-contained temperature control to keep the water at body temperature.
  • Pressure regulation for the removal of impacted earwax without risking eardrum damage.
  • LED illumination with magnification for a better view of what’s going on inside your ear canal, facilitating effective, targeted earwax removal within three to five minutes.

Those who wear hearing aids, earplugs, or struggle with frequent earwax buildup will enjoy the quick, easy, pain-free relief provided by Earigator, encouraging them to schedule regular earwax removal appointments before the aching, stuffiness, muted sound, ringing in the ears, and other symptoms of earwax buildup have a chance to start.

The Earigator is our first option at Pacific Hearing Service in order to provide safer, more effective and faster earwax removal with the highest level of comfort for our patients.

Earwax Removal Treatment

Making sure your hearing system is working as it should is our commitment at Pacific Hearing Service, encouraging the natural cleaning process performed by earwax, but stepping in to give your ears a helping hand when it becomes impacted.

If you have any questions or concerns about earwax removal for you or your child, contact us by filling out the adjacent form and we’ll help schedule an appointment to provide you with much needed relief ASAP.

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