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My wife's hearing aids quit twice; Rachel Otto arranged loaner hearing aids so my wife could attend our granddaughter's graduation and party/celebration! She could not have heard anything without them. She liked them so much she purchased new ones. Rachel was very patient and thorough! Excellent knowledge!


The staff are always friendly, courteous and helpful. There is NO telephone tree!! Every time I have called, I have always gotten a real person who would answer my questions right then. That saves me time. Dr. Rachel Otto, AuD, listened completely to what my hearing needs were and prescribed the perfect hearing aid to meet those needs. With them I can once again hear the San Francisco Symphony perfectly--even the triangle which is soft, at the exuberant climax of Mahler's 1st Symphony (which is very loud--about 90dB--with three sets of tympani going full blast). Also, now in business meetings I can once again perfectly hear the arguments and ideas the woman with the softest, highest-pitched voice utters.

David Sachs, M.D.

My wife's hearing aid quit in AM; she had a stroke in PM. Without the hearing aid she could not hear doctors or instructions. Natalie Dedrick immediately set me up with loaner hearing device which helped my wife dramatically during recovery. Outstanding personality and customer service!

S.M for L.L.

Outstanding experience with Dr. Otto. Very kind, supportive, informative, knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic. Highest recommendation!


It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Raguskus. She is incredibly knowledgeable, approachable, kind, caring, experienced, and skillful. Hers is not a cookie cutter approach to recommending and fitting (programming/tuning) the proper hearing aids. Each client is treated as an individual and you can absolutely tell that she wants the best outcome for you. She asked me questions about my needs and my lifestyle. She took the time to work with me as we worked together to fine tune the amplification levels and achieve a comfortable and effective combination of settings. On my follow-up visit a few weeks after the first fitting, I felt I needed some adjustments. Dr. Raguskus was every bit as interested and engaged in the fine tuning as she had been on the initial visit. The outcome has been excellent. I experience the world with more ease, more enjoyment, and less fatigue.


Dr. Rachel Otto provided me with exceptional care as did Mary in the front office.

Sunnyvale patient

I find working more enjoyable now because of the efforts of Pacific Hearing Service. My activities have been significantly enhanced through the work of Dr. Rachel Otto.

Sergei Brodsky

I can better clean my hearing aids because of the help of the staff at Pacific Hearing Service. The service has always been great--the whole staff is excellent!!


I am able to hear TV and friends better because of Pacific Hearing Service's help. Natalie and the whole front office staff are great!!

Fred Bajada

Just about everything I do has been made more enjoyable because of the help I received at Pacific Hearing Service. I would not manage without my hearing aids and the help I have gotten. Brook Raguskus, AuD, and all the people who work here are so helpful. I highly recommend this service.

Floy Marks

I had an excellent experience at my appointment at Pacific Hearing Service on 6-6-2016. It was a most satisfiying appointment with clear, concise instructions, positive comments, and all together very instructive.

A happy client

I got ear protection plugs to soften loud noises. Dr. Rachel Otto and Vickie at the front desk provided me with exceptional care. It was like a vacation because they speak at normal speed and they take that bit of time to listen and speak. I'm happy Dr. Leon Lipson, ENT, recommended that I  come here.

Karen Jacobson

I am enjoying conversation with friends and family life in general more because of the help I have received at Pacific Hearing Service. The front office staff is great and Dr. Brook is so helpful and patient we wish we would have come in sooner!

A new client

My satisfaction with Pacific Hearing Service continues!

One of the most important parts--to me, at least--of this process is the exemplary follow-up care I've received over the past five months since my initial fitting. From the polite and warm greeting I receive at the front desk to Ms. Loyd's enthusiasm and expertise, I am one extremely satisfied client.

 And thanks again to Dr. Baxter, for such a technically excellent-and pleasant-experience.

A satisfied client

I can hear conversations and whispers now, I didn't realize I was missing so much! Dr Rachel Otto was exceptionally good--patient and caring. I never realized I would have so much guidance.

Betty C. Schott

I enjoy television more now and it makes all the difference when out with friends. Pacific Hearing has been extremely accommodating in giving special attention to my needs.


My social interactions are more enjoyable because of the help I received at Pacific Hearing Service. The hearing devices have especially improved my musical appreciation. The staff, including Dr. Debbie Clark and everyone in the front office, are professional and make the visits easy.

Maureen Maino

Having hearing aids has exponentially improved my life, especially listening to live concerts and other music. Dr. Brook Raguskus did outstanding work and front office staff Mary Martinez and Natalie Galvan couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. Dr. Debbie Clark is super nice. I was late and frustrated when I arrived, a combination of getting lost and having a broken watch. The staff treated me like royalty and calmed me down. Everyone is kind and compassionate. A+++

Winston Lambert

Service was wonderful and friendly. They were very prompt and helpful.

L.W., out-of-town visitor

I always find excellent service in Debbie's knowlegeable and careful exams. Today she greatly improved my hearing aid.


The help I received from Pacific Hearing Service has allowed me to communicate better with people as well as helping me to enjoy TV and movies. The front desk provided me with exceptional care and the service was both pleasant and expert.

Attellia Berg

[Pacific Hearing Service] has improved my hearing far more than I could have hoped. You took out the harsh sounds and made hearing almost pleasant. I can even hear the TV, which surprised me. I said "hear," I meant understand. I talked to my son on the phone at length, something I had not been able to do....You have amazed me!

B.F., Woodside, CA

I have been with Pacific Hearing Service since 1988 when I was referred by a colleague to Jennifer. When she retired, she referred me to Debbie Clark. Both were very professionally astute, yet with a warm personal touch that I have so much appreciated. Hearing loss is a profound handicap in our social world. Having assistance in navigating what devices/help is available in such a caring manner is invaluable. I am deeply grateful.

R.M., La Honda, CA

My hearing aids have made it more enjoyable to share meals with friends—now I can hear the conversation! They have also allowed me to enjoy listening to music again and generally enriched my life. My Audiologist, Brook Raguskus, and the entire front office staff have given me outstanding service.

L.P., Los Altos, CA

I had talked our mom into getting "real hearing aids" for Christmas--It took three years to talk her into an appointment due to a "not so great experience" elsewhere. They weren't bad, you are just very good with people. I was so happy that her defensive demeanor was melted away by your kindness and warm professionalism (not a common quality). She went through the processes to the final stage...doing final adjustments to her [devices]. The woman helping Mom told me to speak now, so I asked how it sounded and tears started rolling down Mom's face. "It's been so long since I've heard your voice," she said softly smiling. All three of us laugh-cried (Mom, the Hearing Angel, and me). What a great Christmas.

Our family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for working with our mom so that she could hear cars when walking the dogs (huge peace of mind for us), hear us on the phone and in person, hear and respond to her grandchildren, and continue friendships that would have been too annoying to try to be in without the ability to hear. It also helped her hear what her doctors said so that she could prove them wrong to the very fullest of her ability...She has always been quite a character and we didn't lose an ounce of that to the usual withdrawal from life due to hearing loss.


My husband and I would like to thank you for your patience and professionalism in helping us over the difficult hurdle of using hearing aids. I was particularly negative at first. You were sympathetic, but firm in educating and continuing the process of fitting and adjusting the hearing aids to meet our specific requirements. Our first meeting after two weeks of using our new hearing aids was very constructive. Brook listened to our daily trials and experiences and solved the few minor problems that arose. It is a month now and both of us feel quite comfortable wearing our hearing aids a full day. I have gone from a negative to a positive approach and attitude.  


Conversations are much easier now that I have my hearing aids. I find I enter into conversations more now that I can hear people talk. Dr. Erin Harrigan provided exceptional care.


Brook Raguskus has been very patient with me in a difficult situation. She helped me to try several different instruments in an effort to find the best solution to my problems. I would recommend her to anyone for both her expertise and her patience.


I can hear again! My hearing aids only needed cleaning. Sandy provided exceptional care. You are lucky to have her. When my wife called over the phone, Mary was also very polite and professional.


The help I have received from Pacific Hearing Service allows me to hear my friends better and be part of the conversation. When I attend meetings, I can hear the presenter.

Brook is amazing! She makes the experience of getting hearing aids an exciting one. She clearly cares deeply that her patients are fitted with the appropriate device that works well for them. She listens intently to what worked and what was needed to make my hearing aids match my needs. She was truly exceptional and made the experience extremely satisfying. I truly appreciate her patience and determination to find the correct device and settings that worked for me. It is a fantastic experience to hear clearly and be part of conversations without having to strain and guess what others are saying.


Being able to hear better has helped the depression I was feeling. My new hearing devices have improved my tinnitus, music appreciation and enjoyment of playing golf. Brook Raguskus has been very patient and understanding.

I have been coming to Pacific Hearing Service for many years and always have received the most professional care. The front office staff also is friendly and kind and helpful.

With my newest hearing aids, I am hearing better than ever. Thank you, Brook, for being so kind and patient!

Joan Wilson

My hearing is better! Vicky was very helpful. "Give her a raise!" She gave good directions. Pacific Hearing Service has excellent staff and service.


I am an audiologist and have been providing consulting services to audiologists across the US for the past decade. Through the course of my work, I have had the opportunity to meet many hearing healthcare providers and work with many practices. My experiences with Pacific Hearing Service and their owners and practitioners, Debbie Clark, AuD and Jane Baxter, AuD, have been vastly different than those I typically encounter. Debbie and Jane practice an unparalleled level of patient care and strive to provide their community with a valuable resource to help preserve one of life’s most treasured assets: hearing and our ability to effectively communicate. I would enthusiastically recommend this practice to anyone in need of expert, compassionate care.

Kim Cavitt, AuD, Audiology Resources, Inc.

Video features Iris H.

Pacific Hearing Service has made me a happy camper! The professional staff worked with me to select the best aid/equipment for me. It has made a huge difference. I can now hear the comments of people sitting next to me in a meeting. It has given me confidence in knowing what’s going on. Especially in restaurants! I wish I had done this years ago.

Judy L., 

In May 2010 I experienced a sudden hearing loss. Hearing aids from another prescriber sounded artificial and were physically uncomfortable. I thought my days of playing music were over forever, but my audiologist worked with me to fit similar aids with different receivers and adjusted them to allow me to continue playing music professionally. I am now back to playing and teaching. I can participate in group meetings at my day job successfully. Thank you!

L. B., Mountain View, Musician

After many years of dealing with tinnitus, I went to Pacific Hearing expecting to get the same story: “sorry, you will just have to live with the ringing.” I was given a thorough testing by my audiologist, who gave me hope there was something that can be done to improve my hearing related to tinnitus. We discovered that I also had hearing loss! I was fitted with hearing aids in both my ears and life has taken a new turn.

I now can hear the leaves falling! In my work in sales, it is critical that I catch everything my client says in person and on the phone. I have a renewed enthusiasm for work as the hearing part is easy, now all I have to do is solve my clients' problems. Thanks so much for bringing things back into focus.

C. N., Technical Sales and a very satisfied customer

What a difference it makes to have the hearing aids on! I should have done this years ago!


Having spent years now with an 85% hearing loss in my right ear, I decided to consult with Pacific Hearing Service to understand what technology advancements had occurred more recently in hearing devices. From battling through cross-talk during business meetings to straining at the movie theater to hear my kids’ whispers, I was growing increasingly uncomfortable that I was missing important information. The new device that Dr. Raguskus showed me was so elegant and inconspicuous, it was almost invisible to others. The moment I put it in my ear, the difference was impressive. I was immediately hearing sounds I wasn’t able to pick up before and the comfort and sound quality was amazing. Thank you, Dr. Raguskus, for giving me back my hearing!

Brian C.

I am delighted to be a client of Pacific Hearing! They are professional and caring, and they have also been very patient with me as I have at times needed to see them for multiple adjustments and on short notice. They always do their best to be very accommodating. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Mr. K., Restaurant Owner

Ten years ago my ear, nose and throat specialist highly recommended Pacific Hearing Service after we discussed my problems with my current and previous hearing aids. It was certainly good advice. The staff at Pacific Hearing Service has what I think is the rare combination of understanding current digital technology, continuing dialogs with the manufacturers on how to best to fit an individual, and truly caring about their patients. I am very satisfied with their services and results. It is clear that their main reason for becoming audiologists was to help patients.
Mr. G., Menlo Park

I like coming to Pacific Hearing Service because, without fail, each time I have been serviced, without any time or trouble, I hear much better. I lost my hearing after 4 1/2 years of combat service in WWII. I can now hear far better than I could before. I intend to return every four months. Their services, without doubt, are very professional and friendly. There is no way I could praise them any more. I recommend them highly!
Mr. R., Retired businessman and World War II Veteran

I cannot thank you enough for dramatically improving my mother-in-law's hearing with the new hearing aid devices you have customized for her. This has drastically improved our relationship as she has become interactive again. She can listen and respond and so she asks questions and inquires more about our lives. Who knew that better hearing could lead to an improved relationship! Wow! And thank you for improving my hearing by the quarterly ear cleaning that is required almost every time I get on an airplane.
Ms. H. Construction company CEO

I drive 110 miles each way to continue my entirely satisfactory experience of twenty-five years with Pacific Hearing Service. Thorough diagnosis, detailed and accurate prescription and programming. Great service. Personal attention and care. I could not be more pleased.
Mr. E., Psychotherapist and retired school principal

Pacific Hearing has been a great partner over the years. They always make sure that I get the right hearing instruments for my needs, and then optimize them for my specific hearing profile. This has had a huge impact on my business success, enabling me to hear everything whether in crowded meetings, formal presentations, or on my cell phone. An extra bonus, my blue-tooth enabled hearing aids are hands-down the coolest personal technology around: I am the envy of all the engineers in my company!

Ms. F., High Tech Executive

I've been going to Pacific Hearing Service for more than fifteen years and I receive excellent service from the office staff and audiologists there. All of the audiologists are extremely professional and well trained. In addition to that, they are personable and courteous. They research their products well and provide expert recommendations based on my needs and not what they want to sell. I am more than happy with Pacific Hearing Service and will continue to refer my friends and neighbors to them.

Mrs. R., Grandmother and world traveler

For more than 7 years I have told doctors and audiologists of hearing problems, but, as the tests always came back "normal," I was sent away with no help. That is, until my husband encouraged me to see an audiologist at Pacific Hearing Service. I resisted, as I was sure I'd be sent away, yet again, unhelped. Despite feeling it would be of no use, I did go to see her. Again, my tests came out "normal" and I despaired, as my hearing problems were causing me great stress, especially as so much of my work was now on the phone, and, in an open cubicle environment, speakerphones are outlawed. In face-to-face meetings, if I couldn't lipread, I was often unable to hear people.

To my great delight, my audiologist, understanding my underlying and very rare autoimmune condition (for which I am hospitalized many times a year), put on hearing aids and I began to cry! I could hear clear as a bell via Bluetooth from my cell phone, and, for the first time, heard the "whoosh" of the air conditioner. I am extremely grateful to her. I can't say enough how rare it is to find a health professional who understands my rare condition, which often doesn't show up on "normal" people's tests, and can help someone like me. She is a truly caring person, and I am blessed to be under her professional care.

Ms. M, Sunnyvale

I had to get batteries for my hearing aid before Christmas and I got the big package. You all gave me a chocolate ear. I have had more fun with it---I showed it to my sister, gardener, neighbor---he said his late mother-in-law was a customer or yours and just loved all of you. Thought you would like to know---your customers are highly pleased and you are well thought of. Have a great 2013.

Ms. R

I have been coming here for many years. Everyone has always been pleasant and helpful. I also think the location and parking is convenient.

A. A.

The care and recommendations I have received at Pacific Hearing Service have been very rewarding. Everyone is pleasant and attentive. I am grateful I can have such expert care so close to my home.

Attellia A. Berg

Thank You! You have always helped me promptly when I come to the office. Thank you again.


I love my Lyric hearing aids! With my arthritis I can’t handle tiny batteries and all that. I never dreamed my hearing aids could be so satisfying. They’re the best thing that ever happened to me!


Thorough, careful, cordial, but business-like!