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Floy Marks

Just about everything I do has been made more enjoyable because of the help I received at Pacific Hearing Service. I would not manage without my hearing aids and the help I have gotten. Brook Raguskus, AuD, and all the people who work here are so helpful. I highly recommend this service.

Maureen Maino

My social interactions are more enjoyable because of the help I received at Pacific Hearing Service. The hearing devices have especially improved my musical appreciation. The staff, including Dr. Debbie Clark and everyone in the front office, are professional and make the visits easy.


I can hear again! My hearing aids only needed cleaning. Sandy provided exceptional care. You are lucky to have her. When my wife called over the phone, Mary was also very polite and professional.

Judy L.

Pacific Hearing Service has made me a happy camper! The professional staff worked with me to select the best aid/equipment for me. It has made a huge difference. I can now hear the comments of people sitting next to me in a meeting. It has given me confidence in knowing what’s going on. Especially in restaurants! I wish I had done this years ago.

L. B.

In May 2010 I experienced a sudden hearing loss. Hearing aids from another prescriber sounded artificial and were physically uncomfortable. I thought my days of playing music were over forever, but my audiologist worked with me to fit similar aids with different receivers and adjusted them to allow me to continue playing music professionally. I am now back to playing and teaching. I can participate in group meetings at my day job successfully. Thank you!