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Valerie T. Kun, Au.D.

Valerie T. Kun, Clinical Audiologist At Pacific Hearing Service

Valerie T. Kun, Au.D.

Clinical Audiologist
Menlo Park office

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, where I obtained my undergraduate degree at California State University, Los Angeles. I moved out to the Midwest to obtain my Au.D. at Northwestern University.

I have a few family ties to audiology: my mother is a hearing aid dispenser and my older sister is an audiologist. Since I was young, I grew up with a knowledge of the hearing healthcare field and what it can provide for people with a hearing loss. I decided to pursue this career and fell in love with it! I completed my clinical externship year at Pacific Hearing Service and stayed on afterwards as a part of the team. One of my passions is providing healthcare to those who lack access to it, which I’m able to do by also being a part of Pacific Hearing Connection, the non-profit arm of Pacific Hearing Service, and joining their international humanitarian trips.

I enjoy working for Pacific Hearing Service, as we use evidence-based practice and patient-centered care to set patients up for their highest potential. We understand that the hearing device is not the hero, it takes a combination of the patient’s motivation, the healthcare provider’s knowledge and expertise, communication strategies, education, and patient advocacy to achieve the best outcome.

Outside of work, I enjoy taking my Siberian Husky, Kodi, exploring Northern California’s beaches and forests. I enjoy visiting my family in Los Angeles, listening to podcasts, and watching movies and television shows, especially comedies.

It is thanksgiving! I am thanking GOD with a grateful heart as I count my blessings one by one in the past year! One of my blessings is the satisfactory professional help I have received from Valerie Kun Au. D who is an audiologist at the Pacific Hearing Service in Menlo Park CA.

Due to aging, I lost 40% of hearing in both ears. A year ago, I got a pair of hearing aids in Hong Kong where I resided then. After wearing the hearing aids, I discovered that it helps to elevate the volume of the surrounding sound but to my great disappointment, the sound clarity was poor. I expressed my concern to my audiologist in HK but after numerous visits she was not able to help me. I was discouraged & my confidence shaken when talking to people! I am in despair.

Upon my arrival to the Bay Area in July 2021, I consulted the audiologist Valerie Kun at the Pacific Hearing Service. After listening to my experiences & frustration, she expressed understanding & compassion and promised she would do her best to help me. She spent about 2 hours to re-programme my hearing aid so as to strike a better balance between volume and clarity. She even added a new speech programme to enhance the overall hearing performance. The result is amazing! The clarity has greatly improved. Now I am able to converse with people again with joy & confidence! I am grateful to Valerie not only for her professional excellence but also for her empathy, patience, understanding and compassion!

Vivian Owyang

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