Why Are Apple Experiencing Issues With iPhone 12 And Hearing Aids?

Since incorporating Bluetooth technology in hearing aids, their functionality has dramatically expanded, enabling patients to lead improved lives.

At Pacific Hearing Service, it’s always a delight to see our patients lead active lifestyles without the limitations presented by hearing loss.

Our practice is keen on ensuring we fix our patients with the perfect hearing devices that suit their needs and budget.

However, no matter how superior a hearing device is, or any other piece of technology for that matter, technical issues are always an anticipated occurrence.

As a result, we are keen on guiding our patients in troubleshooting the challenges they may encounter while using their hearing devices.

In most cases, patients consult me on issues of sound and wearing discomfort. But these inquiries are usually staggered as they mostly come from new users.

Nonetheless, reports on technical issues (especially sound issues) have escalated since Apple released iPhone 12 models (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max).

Patients using Made for iPhone hearing devices have been reporting sound issues since upgrading to iPhone 12.

The patients call in thinking their hearing aids have broken, hence the problems. But the issue cuts across all brands of hearing devices (Rexton, Signia, ReSound, Cochlear, Widex, etc.).

Apple did confirm that its iPhone 12 models had technical issues – MMS delivery challenges, unresponsive lock screen, and sound problems.

The sound issues reported and confirmed include loud static, interrupted or intermittent audio, and garbled audio.

From one of Apple’s discussion forums, users who were previously using the same operating system, iOS 14 (which iPhone 12 models run on), claim to have had no issues with their iPhone 11 Pro.

While issuing the confirmation to these challenges, Apple promised to resolve the issues in the subsequent iOS 14 updates.

Soon afterward, they released version 14.1 hoping to combat the problems, but the issues persisted as users reported.

Later on, they released 14.2.1 and gave their word that users of Made for iPhone hearing aids can get rid of the sound issues by updating their OS to 14.2.1 or later.

I hope this update does eliminate the issues so you can go back to enjoying the superior technology without discomfort.

If you need help updating your OS, please visit this Apple support page and follow the steps.

Get Troubleshooting Help and Tips for Your Hearing Aids at Pacific Hearing Service

As the audiology community, we appreciate technology for the significant milestones it has brought about. And at Pacific Hearing Service, we are not ignorant of the small price we have to pay from time to time, as no human innovation is perfect.

We are committed to ensuring our patients continue leading active lifestyles round the clock.

Thus, we come in handy with troubleshooting help and tips to address any hearing aids’ technical issues that may arise.

We also offer servicing, cleaning, and repairs to help keep your hearing devices in excellent condition so they can serve you longer.

Get in touch with us now; our team is waiting to help you.

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